Come on into my home and take a look around at a few of the rooms I've decorated. I really love creating a room and making it all come together. I have loads of ideas, and even a few pictures to share with you. I hope that some of my ideas will inspire you to be creative with your home as well!

Kid's Rooms

For kids rooms, I have examples of a boys room and a girls room. I hope that you'll find a few ideas to use, and maybe seeing some of the things that I've done will give you some new ideas as well!

There are so many ways to create a child's room. First, decide on a theme. It could be sports, the solar system, music or dance, dinosaurs, cars and trucks, characters...the list is endless! Now, brainstorm and think of lots of different things that work together with your theme. Think shapes, accessories...things that "go with" your theme. Next, decide your colors and look for fabrics and bedding options. It's funny how one thing can lead to another. Don't let yourself be held back-especially in a child's room. While doing these rooms, I was constantly saying to myself, "why not?", or,"Who says you can't"...As you'll see, I've broken quiet a few rules here! Remember let the children help, too. Don't forget to ask for their input, as it will help them to feel as if they're a part of the project.

Boys Room Girls Room

Here's another room full of ideas to check out.

Stop back again, soon! I'll be adding more rooms and ideas to share!

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