Jean Reno Gary Oldman

a film by Luc Besson

Hello, my name is Collin A. Bullock and this is my humble site devoted to one of the coolest movies ever made. The movie is so cool they had to name it twice. This film was called "Leon" in France, and "The Professional" in America. Now while I think that Leon is a better title, I am an American and my copy of the movie says "The Professional" on it, so I shall refer to the film from here on as "The Professional." The film stars Jean Reno as Leon. Leon is a sad, lonely hitman for the mob who takes in a young girl when her family is murdered by corrupt DEA officers. Reno is one of the coolest actors in film today. His only competition being Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi, and chow Yun Fat. Who is this Yun fat fellow you may ask. He is none other than other than the god of the asian cinema. His films "The Killer", "Hard Boiled", "A Better Tommorow" and others revolutionzed the filmaking industry worldwide. Him and Jhon Woo are some of the best filmakers in the world. Chow Yun Fat's only american film, "The Replacement Killers" sucked. please don't base your opinion of the man on that one movie. Now back to the point. Jean Reno's latest film was called "Horrible Crapfest," um...I mean "Godzilla." He will be appearing in the film "Ronin" with Rob DeNiro this fall. "The Professional" also stars Gary Oldman, who was in "Lost In Space" recently.

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