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Proudly Canadian

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Murray's Drawing Pad is now PENCIL2PEN.COM

I have scaled down my gallery here to include some of my latest works.
If you would like to view my entire gallery please go to my new web site.


Deer at Dusk - India Ink & Brush

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Pint Sized Cowboys - Graphite (pencils)

Golden Eagle - India Ink, Tech pens, Pointillism

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Pipe Dream - Computer colored

If you are interested in acquiring an art piece.
Please contact me at the address below. Thanks
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Please use this banner if you would like to link to my site.
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Please link to: http://www.pencil2pen.com

NOTE: All art works on this web site (except where mentioned) belong to
the artist "Murray Cholowsky" and are not to be used without
expressed written permission of the artist.

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