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Not often enough, in our day and age and place and time, do we ponder.  Sure some people may "think", "postulate", "consider", or any other number of verbose activities.  And yet, many somehow manage to flounder through life without ever really pondering anything.  Hobo Villiage is meant to be a site for the exchange of ponderings.  So go to the forum and post.  Often!  But not too often or I'll have to cut you off.  And please, if you're on PCP at the time of your post, try to keep your handwriting ledgible.  And also I would just like to take a moment to thank god for keeping his nosy ass away from my web page.  I did this all myself, and God can go sit on an infinately long broomstick and rotate.
Hello there intreptid web traveler.  I am Harland, the brain behind the web site on which you are currently wasting electricity.

I made it my buissness to create a time machine.  It was alot of work but I was motivated.  I had to go back in time, to the precise moment that sliced bread was invented. I needed to find out what exactly it was the best thing since.

As it turns out, they just didn't use that saying back then. 

Needless to say; it was kind of disappointing.
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One day I was walking down by a lake.  This wasn't any particular lake in any particular place, just the one that I was walking by.  It was certianly a pretty lake and I liked this lake alot.  I liked it until of course I discovered that what I once had reasonably assumed was water was actually a big pile of burning tires.  I had some trouble finding my way out through all the smoke, what with all the choking I suddenly felt like doing.
I am very sorry that this web page is in only 2 dimentions.  I feel really bad about it.
Hopefully something on this site has inspired you to want to write something.  Whether this be accomplished through offence, admiration, or some other emotion that I do not posess or claim to understand.  If you have been taken by some urge to write please place your pneumetic crap in the convinient box offered you by clicking the "Sign My Guestbook" button.  I guarentee satisfaction!
Hobo Village is a family place.  A safe zone in the midst of all the evil in the world.  Please come in children.  I would never consider warping your young impressionalbe minds.  Never...
Email the morally bankrupt person who created this web site, but remember, he was once this little baby:
Ok...Ok...it appears we are having a little bit of trouble with the interactive portion of this deal. You see, I put a fair amount of work into this, people.  And I think you should take at least a bit of time and share something of your own.  Are you all complete pussies?!  Now get in there!!!
Also; a special award goes out to The Capering Aberration for having the cutest name ever and being brave enough to post.  Just ask him what he got, you'll be amazed.  Are YOU next???
Oh sweet merciful crap!! 300 hits and counting. 
Oh ho hum.  What a waste of time life is...
"Crotch Deep in the Quest for Original Ideas..."
HoboVillage, the fastest (well not really the fastest) growing website on the web is now part of the Original Writing Webring.  A special welcome to anyone that got here by surfing that.  Let us know you're here, go post something!!!
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