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The 29th Tennessee C.S.A.
This page will cover re-enacting,  the history of the 29th,  and information on the war of northern aggression.  In order to support this page please click on the banners.
History of the 29th
since April 2001
So you want to be a reenacter
A true history of the war!
Pics from previous events
about the modern 29th
Upcoming Campaigns
note:  the 29th will not attend all of these events
all dates are obtained from our Adjutant


It appears that the new site will be at
https://home.comcast.net/~the29thtn/ when I get it compleated.  Hopefully I will manage to get some more done.
Black confederates
Blacks who served in the 29th TN
Photos of the real soldiers who served in the 29th
Photos of Knoxville and the surrounding area during the war.
About the web master

Campaigns for the rest of the year
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