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Tim's '61' IH Scout 80 Site

Power plant: 345cid (not installed yet)
Transmission: 727 TF (not installed yet)
Transfer Case: Dana 20 Twin stick (not installed yet)
Front Axle: Dana 44 w/3:54 gears (open carrier)
Rear Axle: Dana 44 w/3:54 gears (Trac-lock)
SOA(spring over axle conversion)
Tires: 31x10.5's(currently), Future upgrade to 35's or 36's

Power plant: 304cid
Transmission: 4 speed
Transfer Case: NP202
Front Axle: Heavy Duty Dana 44
Rear Axle: Dana 60
Tires & Wheels: 8 lug 16 inch split rings with 31x7.5 bias ply tubes tires


On November 1, 1999 I was bitten by the IH Scout bug. The bug came in the form of a 1961 Scout 80. Soon after that I developed this fever for everything International Harvester, and I haven't broke the fever yet. I really can't put my finger on to why I am addicted to these old beasts, but one thing is for sure , I will probably be buried with my Scout! In this site I will share my triumphs and tragedies in my quest of a frame off customization, and rebuild, of this 40 year old gal. At first, I knew next to nothing about Scouts, but as time has progressed, my knowledge has gotten better. You'll understand what I mean as you follow along in the pages.

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A special thanks goes out to those on the Binder Bulletin. Thanks Bill Thebert, and everyone else there.

Also I want to thank those on the POR(Pirates of the Rubicon)International board. It's loads of fun everytime!

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