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Cefalà Diana is a little paese in the Palermo Province of Sicily.  It is a very small village, only about 9.02 square km.  It has only about 1,000 inhabitants called "Dianesi."  It is located about 36 km southeast of Palermo and lies about 563 meters above sea level.  

Even though it is such a small village, it is still written about in most Sicily Tour Books.  It is famous for its "castello" or castle, which is in ruins.  It is also famous for its "terme arabe" or arab baths.  Their patron saint is S. Francesco di Paola and they have their patron saint celebration on August 25.  

For me, this place has a special meaning.  It is where my grandparents immigrated from in the early 1900's.

I must thank my two Sicilian cousins and their families.  Without them, this vacation wouldn't have been as great!!

Arab Castle

NEW My newest photo!!  The Cefala Diana Club (circa 1923)  
Sicily Day-by-Day! Read about the places I visited.  This is a day-by-day journal of my 1st trip in November 2001.  
Sicily Day-by-Day! This is the day-by-day journal of my 2nd trip in March 2002. 
Travel Information! Here you can get an idea of the how to get there, the costs involved, and where to stay.
My Photos! These are my own personal photos from my trip.  If you click on the photo, you can enlarge it to its original size.  Photos for the 2nd trip haven't been added yet, but check back!
Information on Cefalà Diana! These links are to various Italian sites that have info on Cefalà Diana, most are in Italian and a few contain photos.
See My Dianesi Ancestors! Here are a few photos of my "dianesi" ancestors.
Gina's HillForestieri Genealogy Site! View my family tree at my HillForestieri Genealogy Website. My ancestors from Cefalà Diana were Badami, Bellavia, Bonadonna, Cocchiara, D'Agro, Ferrara, Forestieri, Greco, LoMonte & Vella, and from Palermo was Riesi. 
Read Giornale di Sicilia Online! Here you can read a Sicilian Newspaper online (in Italian of course).
Map of the Palermo Province! Here is a detailed map of the Palermo Province.

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