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Sweetpea's Home Page !!
                            Hello and Welcome to Sweetpea's Sunshine Spot 

My name is Nanc:) but everyone calls me Sweetpea or Sunshine so hence the name Sweetpea's Sunshine Spot..:)  I Love to Laugh and have a passion for enjoying Life!!  I am extremely Sentimental and Love to be around my family and friends as they are extremely special to me..I am a 38 year old mom and have 3 gorgeous and fun boys...ages 16, 3 and 2 yrs old so as you can tell they keep me on the go all the time !!  I am married to a Wonderful man that has been my best friend since I was 21..he has a very quick wit and an incredible sense of humor.  I am very Spiritual (Christian , Lutheran and Spiritualist) and have been blessed with being a psychic my whole life, but i wont go there as i could write a novel on that subject.:)  I am learning how to make web pages and graphics to share some of my joys, passions and causes with you so I hope to spread a little Sunshine into your life too...My Dad has a saying that I just adore..." Celebrate Life !!" So don't forget to Live, Love and Laugh!!  Cherish your Family and Friends and don't take yourself so serious!!  Most importantly you have to Laugh at and with yourself as we are all characters arent we??!!!

                                           My Hobbies and Interests  

I Raise and Breed Pure-bred Weimaraner Dogs, I love humor, football, Nascar,
NTPA (National Tractor and Truck Pulling Association), Monster Trucks, Women in the Outdoors, National Wild Turkey Federation, target practicing, camping, fishing, water and snow sports, Love to cook and bake, painting, crafts and just adore Angels, Fairies, Mermaids and all Happy Mystical things.

                                             My Family and Friends  

I am Extremely Lucky as I have been blessed with a Terrific Family !!!  My whole family is AWESOME !!!  I dont believe u meet people by chance, i do however believe that Special People are put into your life and if your my friend your stuck with me for life !!!  All of my family and friends have a terrific sense of humor and a true zest for life...they know how to have fun and all have a wonderful, loving, fun spirit and maybe just a little tiny bit warped ..like me...warped in a good way !!! hehehe..did i say that?? I meant to say original or unique...oops..heehee..:))  But seriously my family and friends are my own special sunshine that can always brighten my day and make me smile !!! To meet the Gang
click here i am still updating these pages but will finish when time permits.;)
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