Torchwood /
Doctor Who
Adult Stories
by Joolz
Starting Over (11,000 Words)
Torchwood/Doctor Who
(Jack/Ten, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, First Time)
gentle NC-17

The Doctor and Jack want to start over, but it's almost over before it starts.
"Oh, no, no, no, Jack.  Do not do this," he murmured.

"Look," Gwen said to him, "we know you're the Doctor, and that you're important to Jack.  I would have thought you knew about him, how he's unusual."

"That he can't die, yes of course I know," he snapped back.  "But this is different.  He's not going to wake up from this."
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Without a Doubt (11,000 Words)
Doctor Who
(Jack/Nine/Rose, Slash, Het, Angst, First Time)

It's all very Greek Tragedy:  the wrath of the gods, desperate decisions, heroic sacrifice, fated lovers. 
Oh, plus sex.
Part of him wanted to continue groping Jack, but that didn't feel quite right anymore, not with Rose as an audience.  Jack must have been thinking the same thing because, eyes twinkling, he looked at the Doctor and motioned with his head toward Rose.  The Doctor failed to keep a straight face as he nodded his agreement.
A Split Second (1,700 words)
Doctor Who
(Nine, Jack, implied Ten/Jack, Drama)

The Doctor meets someone new and gets a taste of how important to him the man will be.
A young man walked down the corridor next to Rose, a broad smile on his face.  The Doctor frowned at the movie star good looks and the RAF uniform.  Where had Rose picked up this one, then?
Series:  Mobile
Stand alone stories starting with an intergalactic phone call.
Family Matters (1,300 words)
Doctor Who/Torchwood
(Jack, Ten, hint of Jack/Ten)
The Doctor pulled back and Jack let him.  "Why?  What's inside?"

"The rest of the family."
What Doesn't Kill You
(14,100 words)
Doctor Who/Torchwood
(Ten/Jack, Drama, Angst)

The world gets a magic re-set, but Jack and the Doctor have to find a way past all the things that happened during The Year that Never Was.
There might be things worthy of fear in the universe, but Jack Harkness wasn't one of them.
A Very Bad Idea (4,800 words)
Doctor Who/Torchwood
(Jack/Ten, Jack/Ianto)
It was simply disgusting how otherwise intelligent and mature adult beings tended to dissolve into inarticulate simpering just because Jack Harkness deigned to smile at them.
Deliverance from Demons
(1,800 words)
(Jack/Owen UST)
Owen rolled his eyes as his boss said with excessive enthusiasm, "Come on, Owen.  It'll be fun."
Despite the horror of having just seen her mother killed, the child was fascinated by Jack's smiling, reassuring face, and was already reaching her hand towards his.  Yeah, that was the effect Jack had on people.  It was the effect he had on Owen.
Game Over (10,000 words)
Doctor Who / Torchwood
(Jack / Nineth Doctor / Rose, Angst, AU)

Jack has to choose between the life he has and the life he lost.
The problem is, how do you prove that you're experiencing reality?  There are no standard tests for that.
Hearing Things (17,000 words)
Torchwood/Doctor Who
(Jack/Tenth Doctor pre-slash, just a hint of Jack/Ianto and Doctor/ Master

Jack's mind is playing tricks on him.  Or is it something more sinister?
Jack was desperate and scared.  There weren't a lot of things he was actively afraid of anymore, but this was one of them.  His body was apparently going to live a very long time, but what if his mind betrayed him?
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