Fan Fiction
by Joolz
CHIEF OF HEAVEN 1:  The Portal
NC-17 (Slash, Action/Adventure, First times, Humor, m/m) 10,300 words
Something uncomfortable comes up on the sex god's planet.
CHIEF OF HEAVEN 2:  Trial by Fire
NC-17  (Slash/Het Jack/Daniel, Sam/Teal'c, Drama/Angst, Action/ Adventure, Established Relationships, m/m, m/f)  22,400 words
When the team meets Min in person each is pushed to the edge and beyond.
"This is what the inscription says: 'You who desire to penetrate the inner sanctum must prove your stature.  From your heaving loins the milk of life must rain down upon the portal.'"
Daniel had to be all right.  And Carter and Teal'c, too.  All his kids, all his family.  He'd come too close to losing them at one time or another.  What if their luck ran out?
R (Pre Slash/Slash, Drama/Angst, Hurt/Comfort)
13,900 words
Sometimes there's nothing to do but accept the inevitable.
Jack had gotten his team back and he thought that should be enough.  They should all recover, put it behind them and get on with life.  That's what you do.  That's what they always did.  But it didn't seem to be happening this time.
PG (Slash, Romance) 3,200 words
Sigh.  Who could help but fall in love?
He stood up and held his hand out to the younger man.  "Dance with me."
Daniel stared up at him in surprise.  "Are you serious?  Jack O'Neill dances?"
"He does.  Does Daniel Jackson?"
Daniel took the offered hand and stood.  "Been known to on occasion."
Jack walked to the stereo and touched a switch.  "Come on, then.  You be Fred and I'll be Ginger."
PG (Slash, ER, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Challenge)
1,050 words
This Birthday is special
Jack put a hand on Daniel's shoulder, pushed him back to lie in the sand, and stretched out next to him so that their shoulders touched.  Finding Daniel's hand he threaded their fingers together, and they lay looking up at points of light grouped into unfamiliar constelations.
NC-17 (Slash, ER, Hurt/Comfort, Drama/Angst 
read warnings) 14,200 words
The team struggles to overcome a horrific experience.
This was exactly the worst case scenario situation.  Exactly the kind of thing everyone worries about happening when you talk about going to new worlds cold, not knowing anything about the inhabitants and what to expect:  total failure to communicate during first contact leading to hostile confrontation.
Loosely Bound,
my odd, full-on, non-ship HET series is at the bottom of the page.
Thumbs up to brave readers!
NC-17 (Slash, Crossover with The Sentinel, Angst, Hurt/Comfort)
27,600 words
Four strong individuals come to grips with what's important in life.  Each other.
"The roller coaster analogy is appropriate, though I'm not sure where the piano playing chicken fits in.  But I think I understand what you mean. You're talking about love.  Something not even we can control."
NC-17 (Slash, PWP-ish, Challenge)
2,200 words
When the forces of nature just can't be denied.
Compressed between the active power of the other man's body and the contained force of the shivering planet, Daniel surrendered to the overwhelming sensation.
NC-17 (Slash, AU, Angst, Challenge) 8,400 words
Turn of the century Central America and four people facing 'meaning of life' questions.
Jack said quietly, "I didn't know if I would be welcome tonight."
The response was a whisper, "You're welcome."
The older man inspected the face next to his, the way the skin seemed to glow in the moonlight and disappear into the shadows.
PG (Slash, Humor, Challenge)
880 words
Daniel Jackson is a genious.
"Nonononononono!"  He took a step towards Jack and jabbed the finger at his face.  "You love me!"
NC-17 (Slash, PWP) 2,100 words
Waking up is a pleasure chez Jackson/O'Neill
The miracle of this morning, of all the other mornings, can't be erased or lost.  The love we share when our bodies join is precisely what holds the universe together, as it holds us.
PG (Pre-Slash, Angst) 1,500 words
Daniel tries to figure out why that particular pair of eyes are so important to him.
But I want to know.  What does he see when he looks at me?  Does he understand?
NC-17 (Slash, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Challenge)
3,300 words
"Don't you want to know how I feel about waking up in your arms?"
Jack tucked the quilt in around Daniel's shoulders, withstanding the scrutiny of the tired blue eyes as he fussed. 
"I'm fine, Jack," came the expected soft assurance.
"I know you are, Danny.  Get some sleep."
NC-17 (Pre-slash/Slash, Angst, H/C) 8,100 words
Sometimes it takes a while to see what's right in front of your eyes.
"Hey, Jack." Daniel kept his eyes on the book but gave up actually trying to read until it became clear how this little scene was going to play out.
"What'cha doin'?"
R (Pre-slash, Angst, H/C, Episode Related, POV) 8,200 words
With time Jack learns to appreciate one particular geek.
I would start to think I was going soft in the head if I didn't know that other people were effected the same way by the geeky archaeologist.  It's like he could talk the skin off a snake.  Bad choice of words.
NC-17 (very- read warnings!) (Slash, PWP)
2,300 words
Just who's in charge here, anyway?
"Jack, whatever you have planned, just stop it right now.  We can talk this out like two rational adults."

The Loosely Bound Series
NC-17 (GEN/HET, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort) 17,000 words
When the team is captured, Apophis shows them yet another ugly side of his character.
NOTE:  I consider these TEAM FICS with a little Sam/Daniel sexiness thrown in, but not ship as in romantic relationships.
(Because Het sex can be fun, too!)
The stories can be read separately.
NC-17 (GEN/HET, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort) 17,700 words
The requirements for survival take an unexpected turn on a paradise planet.
NC-17 (GEN/HET, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship)
38,800 words
Friend and foe alike take a little too much interest in the team.
"So you're saying that one of us should go in there and...." He was at a loss to continue.
"I believe so, O'Neill.  We must not risk her death by our inaction."
Jack stepped up to the side of the tub and his mouth twisted into an amused grin as he startled his friend back to reality.  "Hey there.  I see you have company tonight."
Daniel blinked up at him and then replied, straightfaced, "You know I don't like to bathe alone."
She thought, --Oh, shit.  I'm tied up naked, on Apophis' mother ship.  Stay calm.  Don't panic.  Breathe.  I'll find a way out of this.--
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Stargate GEN
Sentinel GEN
Sentinel Adult
I cannot believe that one person can make so much noise.  It has never been explained to my satisfaction exactly why Jack can sleep in absolute silence off-world and then rattles the god-damn windowpanes with his snoring at home.
NC-17 (Slash, PWP, Established Relationship) 1,500 words
Just like an old married couple.  Well, maybe not just
any old married couple.
One of my personal favorites
One of my personal favorites
NC-17 (Missing Scene, Slash, ER)  2,300 words
Anubis has Daniel's body.  He wants Jack's, too.
Anubis lifted Daniel Jackson's hand to stroke the smooth skin of the face.  Yes, this body would be quite adequate for the short time that he would have need of it.  Perhaps he should take advantage of the opportunity.
Blake's 7 Gen
NC-17 (Auction request, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, Angst) 20,800 words
In the hour of adversity be not without hope, for crystal rain falls from black clouds. -- Nizami Ganjavi
It was all Jack’s fault, he brooded.  If Jack hadn’t made him so angry Daniel wouldn’t have been in the temple at all.  The small detail that Jack wasn’t even on the planet was insignificant.  Everything was Jack’s fault just on principle.
Robert planned to make sure the poor man had someone to talk to when this was over.  He tuned out the captain’s rambling explanation of the cryogenic unit and played the scenario out in his head.  He would casually meet up with Jackson outside of the locker room and offer him a ride home.
R (Pre-slash J/D, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort)  13,000 words
Daniel has an admirer and it isn't Jack.  Will an outside catalyst bring them together?
PG (Slash, Missing Scene for Prometheus Unbound, ER, Romance) 3,500 words
Jack isn't at all unhappy about the way the rescue mission to Atlantis turned out.
They stopped a discreet foot from each other, rather pointedly not touching, and looked in each other’s eyes.
With that low, sultry, private voice, Daniel asked, “Did you miss me?”
“No, not a bit.”
Smallville Adult
Atlantis GEN
Atlantis Adult
Harry Potter Adult      Numb3rs Adult  
Torchwood / Doctor Who Adult
A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Co-authors:  Joolz, Catspaw, babs
NC-17 (Slash, Het, Humor) 3,800 words
Sam is only concerned for the guys' wellbeing.  Really.

(Crack!fic from before there was a name for it)
I think it's time they had a taste of their own medicine, for their own good, of course. They need to realize just how transparent their public foreplay is. And it won't hurt to remind them that their sweet, innocent little astrophysicist is in fact neither and can play the game, too.
Best Sam/Daniel Action/Drama
Best Sam/Daniel Hurt/Comfort
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