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Some of the stories in this site contain adult material such as violence, graphic heterosexual or homosexual sex (slash), or adult language.  All stories are clearly rated and labled.  Please view only those that you are of legal age and disposition to read.

The characters all belong to their respective corporate owners, you know who you are, and are being played with here for entertainment purposes only.  No money is being made by anyone, more's the pity.  The content of the stories belongs to the author.
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Stargate SG1   GEN

Stargate SG1   ADULT

Stargate Atlantis   ADULT and Gen   

Torchwood/Doctor Who ADULT NEW

Numb3rs  GEN and ADULT    

Smallville   ADULT

Harry Potter    ADULT

Man from U.N.C.L.E.   ADULT

Sentinel   GEN

Sentinel   ADULT

Blake's 7   GEN

All SLASH stories are on the 'Adult' pages, even if they're rated G.
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Dear friends,
As you may know, GeoCities is closing down.  At the moment I plan to transfer the web site to Yahoo's alternate hosting, which means the site will not change (will not have to be recreated elsewhere).  After Oct. 26, 2009, the URL will change to
www.storygatefic.net, but supposedly any links to pages in this site will be forwarded automatically.  In any event, please be aware that your bookmarks or links to the stories will likely need to be updated. 
Thanks for all your visits to StoryGate over the years! Here's hoping for a smooth transition and many more years of fanfic.
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