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This site is dedicted to my 3 favourite SciFi shows, Space Above and Beyond, American Gothic, and Starfleet. Both SAAB and A Gothic were cancelled before their time, and are not available on VHS or DVD. Starfleet has only ever been release on VHS, and is unlikely ever to be released.

Well I have been collecting different versions of these 3 TV shows, and have finally found some good quality DVD copies, that I am offering through this site.

I have 2 versions of Space Above and Beyond, starting at 16.99 +2.50 P&P (UK) for all 24 episodes on 6 DVD's, and a superb boxset at 24.99 + 3.00 P&P.

I also have all American Gothic episodes on 4 DVD's at 12.99 + 2.50 P&P (UK).

Starfleet is available for 9.99 + 1.50 P&P (UK)

For more information, details of the DVD sets, and to purchase the discs please follow the links to the left. If you have any questions please contact me at

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have....
Click Here for details of Space Above and Beyond  Disc Sets
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