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Reunion Invitation : This is the mailed invitation that was sent out to us by Ashley. I also included a link to Bumper's (Stephanie Driggers) online invite.

Reunion Party Pictures:  The long awaited pictures!  This link takes you to our reunion party in Revolutions at Broadway at the Beach.  There are four galleries of thumbnails.  Click the thumbnail for the picture you want to see.

Reunion Program:  This is the program for our Reunion Formal.

Reunion Formal Pictures:  The other long awaited pictures!  This is our Formal Reunion event at the Sea Mist Resort.  The pictures are the same format as the Reunion Party Pictures.

Participants: This is a link to the list of participants who attended the reunion.  This page belongs to Tammy Caison and you should check her site out. It's really good!

Questionnaire Results:  This is a result list of the winner of the questionnaire given to us;  i.e.  "Graduate who traveled the longest distance," "Graduate who is the best looking babe," etc.  Winners to the questionnaires were given prizes.

T-Shirt: This is our t-shirt which was given to us at the reunion.   I went to the the reunion and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!  Just joking Ashley.

Senior Wills:  Our Senior Wills we wrote ten years ago.  I also included a link to a Sun News article about the Class of  91's Senior Wills being banned because of the naughty content of ours.

Graduation Program:  This is our Graduation Program which was handed out at our  graduation.

Memorial:  This page is a tribute to our classmates who passed away. 

Directory:  This is also a link to Tammy's site.  It's a directory containing current emails of 1990 grads and our senior year photos.

Favorite Links:  I've linked all the Socastee Alumni related websites I can find on this page.

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Credits: Photographs for the Reunion Party Page and Reunion Formal Page were taken by me.  The camera I used was a Sony Mavica FD-90.  "Participants" and "Directory" page created by Tammy Caison. The Brave Logo was taken from the Socastee Class of 1986 Directory.  The 1990 Reunion logo was scanned from the reunion T-shirt. The two articles in our Senior Wills section were taken from the Sun News.  Pictures of our late classmates in the "Memorial" page were scanned directly from the yearbooks.   If I missed anything else please email me.

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