Welcome to the updated BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FIGHTERS AND FIGHTPLANNING. This site is a helpguide to new managers of the online boxing game "WEBL". The actual game in which you manage and train fighters vs other managers from around the world can be found at www.vivi.com.
The site is organzed in both levels of ability and compartmentalized by fighter type so you can opt to learn everything possible about all fighter types or specialize in one or  two types without being burdened or confused by information that only affects a different type. The learning curve for the game is somewhat steep to begin with but well worth it. The links on your left will guide you to the area or areas most appropriate to your learning level.
Whats new?

- Due to popular demand full sections for ropists and counter punchers

- Section for KPBalanced fighters as commentated by Bangladesh

- Fightplans edited to take into account  most recent changes to boxing sim

- Increased content under all fighter types

- Additional captured threads and articles under the resources section.

- Download area for the most popular WEBL tools.
LEVEL 1- The starting area for all brand new managers. This section contains an introduction to basic attributes and building fighters as well as links to the examples of the most standard fighter types. Information given at this level will give you a good base to be successful for the first few fights at rookie or your home region.
LEVEL 2- After learning how to build a good efficient fighter with a base plan in level 1 you are now ready to move on to level 2. Level 2 contains detailed information on:

- Fightplanning basics
- A brief overview of styles
- Beginning conditionals
- How to assemble your own fightplans from scratch
- Basic scouting

As well as individual pages for each fighter type introduced in level 1. Each page will look into individual fighter types in more detail and discuss matchups and fightplanning vs the other major fighter types. The information given in this area is enough to help you through mid to upper regionals
RESOURCES- This link leads to articles and captured discussion threads from some of the most successful managers in the game to help you further your knowledge. With subjects including advanced fightplanning, endurance blocks, resting, fatigue, cuts, and detailed style effects. This section is a must for anyone with their eye on contenders.
DOWNLOADS- This area contains a few of the most common applications or tools used by some WEBL managers. These tools are not necessary to be successful but I encourage new managers to use them as it is an easy way to see how different builds and styles affect each other.
LINKS- This section leads to some of the most popular offsite pages with a WEBL theme including other help pages, ranking systems for managers, and clan homepages.
UNFORGIVEN- Use this link to contact me directly
Pardon the chaos, mismatched pages, and broken links, this site is under continuing construction until all areas are updated. Level 2 for all fighters types are not yet available but I have linked to the level 2 for all fighter types (except counterpunchers) So you can reference those pages until the updated level 2 areas are completed and added. All areas aside from that have been added.
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