Descendants of Harvey Berrow , Founder of Berrows Worcester Journal

Harvey Berrow was the founder of the Berrows Worcester Journal, one of the oldest newspapers in England. During the course of my researches on the Berrow/Burrow family I have found several people who claim they are descended or related to Harvey Berrow. From my researches it is clear that Harvey Berrow has no living descendants today who have the surname, Berrow. The results of my researches are included here to preserve the work done on this family.

My interest in this began when I found that my 3rd great grandfather, Richard Woodyatt, married Jane BERROW. After much searching I found that Jane was christened in Cradley in December of 1805 the daughter of William Berrow(sometimes Burrow), a cordwainer,and his wife, Mary. I then spent a great deal of effort and time to attempt to prove a connection between William Burrow and Harvey Berrow. It did not take very long to see that there was no connection at least until well before the time of Harvey Berrow. My interest became even greater when I found that Richard Woodyatt had a brother named, Harvey Woodyatt. The parents to Richard and Harvey and their other brothers were William Woodyatt and Susanna Walker. In looking at the will of William Woodyatt of Cowley Park dated 1812, I find that Harvey Berrow Bearcroft is a witness on the will. Harvey Berrow Bearcroft was christened 1778 in Leigh and was a brother to Sarah Bearcroft, the 2nd wife to Joseph BERROW, who was a son to Harvey BERROW.

I now believe I have traced the origin of the name, Harvey, in my family. Firstly, John Bearcroft, father to Harvey Berrow Bearcroft and Sarah Bearcroft, named his son Harvey Berrow, probably after the newspaper man in 1778 shortly after Harvey Berrow died. John Bearcroft and Harvey Berrow may have been acquainted, as their children, Sarah Bearcroft, and Joseph Berrow married but this occurred after Harvey Berrow was dead. My 4th great grandfather, William Woodyatt, living near this area, and probably admiring Harvey Berrow as well, named his son Harvey Woodyatt in 1779 again shortly after Harvey Berrow died. This Harvey Woodyatt died a young man, age 25, in 1823, as did his brother, James in 1818, and William in 1825. This left my 3rd great grandfather, Richard Woodyatt alone, his mother dying in 1823 and all other members of his family dead. Richard at age 34 married a much younger girl, Jane Berrow, who was then age 19 and the marriage was at St. Nicholas in Gloucester. As to why they went so far afield to be married I do not know. Shortly after their marriage Richard Woodyatt tenanted a farm in Burgundy, France where my 2nd great grandfather, William Woodyatt, was born in 1826. The Woodyatts then returned to Pixham near Powick where the next brother, Richard Woodyatt, was born in 1829. When William married he named my great grandfather after his dead uncle, Harvey Woodyatt. Today my mother's cousin's grandson, proudly bears the name of HARVEY WOODYATT. He is probably the ONLY Harvey Woodyatt around today.

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  • , my great grandfather, left a personal autobiography which is also on this website.

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