Descendants of William and Mary Berrow(Burrow) of Malvern

The descendants of William and Mary Berrow(Burrow) as I currently have researched them. It is not certain that Mary Matthews is the "Mary" in question as wife to the first William Berrow but she is currently the only one found as possible. No data has been found to indicate the further identity of the Mary who was wife to the second William Burrow. Again, any relatives or persons connected to these families are invited to please contact me.

A Berrow family is found in Ledbury in earlier times and were prominent as mercers.

  • A record of the descendants may be found here.
  • The descendants of the Rev. Edward Woodyatt are found here as they descended from the Gresley family through Garway. It is hoped to find a connection between this family and the former one at some future time. Anyone with additional information is asked to please contact me.

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