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Allow me to introduce myself.  I am an Artist, Christian Educator, Diaconal Minister in the UMC, and an Equestrian.  Somehow I manage to pursue all of my great loves.  I love God, Horses, Art and Teaching.  True to God's word, I have been given the opportunity to do all of the above.  I hope you enjoy learning about them and me in these pages.
Anointed Zephyr Wind
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I am in the process of some major renovations and migrations within this very complex site.  I am also spinning off to their own site the horsewares, arts and crafts and other things I sell and my consulting business.  I am sorry if you come across any broken links or missing pages.  I'm hoping to make the transition as seemless as possible, but considering the size of this thing, I can't make any promises.  Let me know if you come across a problem.  I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Thanks!  Mel
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