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I'm very sorry, but I have not had time to update this page recently. Upon inspection I have discovered that some of the links and images have become corrupt, and so I've put this page in a a temporary index page.

As some of you may know, I recently graduated from law school. The last year was a little time consuming, and this summer didn't even exist for me. Those of you who have taken the bar might understand -- I went into my carral with a stack of books and a sense of hope. I emerged bitter, broken, pallid and pale (I know, I know... those last two words mean the same thing, but I have some alliteration going -- or at least I did until you started questioning my word choice.) I was a shadow of the man I'd been.

I took the bar, and after months of waiting, got my score back. Joy, joy, I passed And now that I am a member of the bar, I am searching for a job.  (Need a lawyer?) That means that I still don't have time to update this site, though I hope to soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Justin Wayne Beam, Esq.

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