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Ella Lola
Ella Lola Ella Lola (1898): Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

A young, dark-haired woman performs a period "Oriental" dance (commonly known as a belly dance) with some Turkish styling. She performs distinctive dance movements that include shoulder shimmies with pelvic movements and several foot patterns, side traveling movements with pelvic circles, a slow pelvic circle and a front pelvic lock, and paddle turns with various arm gestures. Her dance costume consists of a two-layered skirt to the knee, a hip belt with fringe, a chemise-like shirt under a fitted vest, several layers of necklaces and front decoration, white stockings, white--perhaps ballet--shoes, and a glittering fitted cap.

Princess Raja>


Princess Rajah (1904): American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.

"Princess Rajah performs an "Oriental" or belly dance...balancing chair act in her teeth like that often found in folk performances... While playing finger cymbals, Princess Rajah performs a variety of dance movements that include spins, traveling movements, shoulder and hip shimmies, a frontal hip lock, other hip movements, and pirouettes. She then grabs a decorated chair in her teeth and swings it above her head, playing the finger cymbals and performing traveling foot movements... with the chair in her mouth, she performs shimmies and hip movements while playing the finger cymbals."



Karina (1902): American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.

"....a woman with short, curly hair, wearing a dark dress with a sleeveless top, low-cut bodice..... Smiling at the camera, ...Peering over her lifted skirt, Karina slowly turns around and then lowers to her knees and leans back, circling with her upper body and arms. ...she returns to standing. ...bend backwards.... dramatically covers her face with one arm. Karina then stands back up and turns to the camera....she performs a "dance" consisting of circles, leg lifts, and twirls."


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