Sheikhani Mid-East Dance Troupe


A Sisterhood in Dance

The Sheikhani Mid-East Dance Troupe was founded in 1978 in Colorado Springs with the goal of promoting bellydance as a true art form within the community. Our troupe disbanded in 2009, but we look back with fond memories and celebrate our past.


Sheikhani is an ancient Assyrian word loosely translated as "Come and Be Happy!"


Listen to an MP3 clip of "Sheikhani", an Assyrian folkdance
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Troupe Dancers: Shajara Karina Rabia Samia Zanjabiel Amiyna Karissa Rafiqa Raisa Rhea
Patterns: Easy Harem Pants and a Cabaret Skirt Circular Cape Rafiqa's Accent Overskirt
Other: Former Members Recipes & Grocers Hints and 1898-1904 Film Links
Guest Dancers: Guest Dancers 1 Guest Dancers 2

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