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Hello, and welcome to my CATS page! Pardon the mess, but I've just moved into Geocities from AOL (and I like Geocities way better)! If you want to go any further, you MUST put on a construction helmet!
Jellicles have come here since this place's esablishment! Wheee!
Anyway, there must be many things you want to know. Well, be patient, and you shall have your questions answered!
FAN ART - Show off your talents in my fan art section! Send your work to SgtMikeYates@Yahoo.Com or FitzKreiner@AOL.COM with your name, so that I can give you credit for your work. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, just send the work!
Fanfics -   So far, I only have one, but, with your help, I can make it more!
Transit Area - Click here to go to my links page!
RPGs - Role playing games that I control.
Click here to go to The World of Jellicle Cats!
AWARDS - This page lists the awards I've gotten! You can get them, too!
Please leave your pawprint so that I may know who has visited my site, and how to improve it!
The Sound Files - Music I have gathered over the time I have surfed the Web.
Webrings - This page lists the webrings I've joined!
In Memoriam: Sept. 11, 2001 - A Day That Will Live In Infamy!
INTERACTIVE - This is where you can have fun and interact with my site in creating a story or writing up a Mad Lib!
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