Rudolph Holton...
An Innocent Man on Florida's Death Row.
Hi, my name is Sandi, I live in Australia.
I met Rudolph through the CCADP website when I decided to write to Death Row penpals.
I chose to write to Rudolph after reading the websites associated with his case, and I strongly believe he is innocent. Rudolph was convicted 15 years ago on one solitary piece of "evidence". DNA evidence did not exist at the time of his trial and subsequent conviction, but now, with the emergence of DNA, new evidence is being brought to the surface.
Rudolph has been on Florida's Death Row for 15 years. That's a long time to spend in that place for something you didn't do.
Rudolph has always maintained his innocence, but he was a victim of the "someone has to pay" mentality. In his own words, he was "railroaded" for a murder he did not commit. He admits he is no angel; he has made mistakes in his life, but he did not do the crime he was convicted of. He is not a murderer.
Rudolph is going up on appeal shortly. His lawyer went to court recently for his appeal application, and hairs were brought into evidence. The judge stepped down from the bench, inspected the hairs and agreed that they did not look like Mr Holton's hair.
His DNA testing has not yet been completed, but Rudolph is hopeful of soon being released from the cell he has been forced to call home for the last 15 years. He is currently awaiting a new trial date, which is due any day now.
In Rudolph's last letter to me, he asked me to set up a website for him. He wishes to ask people for donations. He needs money for a new suit for court, and he also believes that he should not stay in Tampa after being released, as the police are likely to be angry at his acquittal. He said that when he gets out of jail, he will have nothing - not even clothes, as they will be too small for him. If you would like to donate some money to Rudolph, please email me for details.

Rudolph would also appreciate your letters of support. He can be reached at:

Rudolph Holton E-829326
Union Correctional Institution
P.O Box 221
Raiford, Florida 32083
Alternatively, you may email me and I  will be happy to forward your letters onto him.
Please sign my guestbook, as I will be printing out the comments and sending them to him.
On the tenth of November, 2001, I received an email from Rudolph's attorney. Rudolph's conviction was overturned and the trial judge has granted him a new trial. He had a hearing in Tampa on the 14th of November. He's very excited by the news, as am I, and we're all hoping that soon he will be totally free.
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