Colorful Duckies

Purchased from local dollar store - it's a bank!

Duckies from Bath & Body Works, October 2004
Green - brother, Pink & White - sisters, all picked out by my kids

Sparkle Jelly Ducky Family from Cost Plus, thanks Judy!

Purchased on ebay; approx. 8" tall

Small Green Ducky with "feet"
won on ebay

Mama Duck and Two Babies
She has a big hole up the center,
like she was once mounted to something

Sassy Polka Dotted Family
magnetized, supposed to stay connected and
float through the water together--we tested,
and they don't work all that well!

The Original Rubber Duckie; latex

Blue Hard Plastic

Set of three duckies, made by First Years
Collected at several garage sales/ebay

Made by Schylling
Bright, Neon Blue
Also have neon pink version of this one

Ugly, Light Green Hard Plastic Ducky
Loved (big dent and all) because it was
the toy my son chose after a good visit to
the dentist...he picked it just for me!

White ducky with bright fluorescent color splashes

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