Pink Rubber Ducks

My favorite duckies are the pink ones - I have 41!

**page VERY photo intensive, please give it time to load!**

See My Misc. Ducks page for pics of the Mini Rubber Duckie Kit & pink ducky!

My Pink Ducks as of November 2005!

Bubble Gum Pink with Purple Bill, purchased on ebay

Pink Sparkly Duck, purchased on ebay

Pale Pink ("Dogwood") Ducky from Bath & Body Works

Pink Mardi Gras Beads, purchased on ebay

Really Ugly Hot Pink Hard Plastic Ducky -
I have NO idea where I got this poor thing!

Purchased at Target, February 2005
Size: 3-3/4" long, 3" tall & 4" wide (with wings)
Also have the same ducky in candle form (2 in package)

Pink Jelly Sparkle Ducky Keychain
Found at Spencer's

Bath & Body Works Pink Ducky!
Thanks for the tip, Sheila!
Click HERE to see this one with her brother & sister!

Sparkle Jelly Ducky, from Cost Plus, thanks Judy!
Click HERE to see this one with her family!

Purchased from the Rub-A-Dub Duck Bath & Body Shop in Duck, NC (mail order)
3 PINK Just Ducky II Ducks!
Thanks, Charlotte, of for the heads up!

D.Cure from the Rubba Ducks line

Pink Easter Duckies, K-Mart 2004

hot pink typical rubber ducky
won on ebay

Won on ebay
Pink Deluxe Duck

4 inches tall, wiggle googly eyes
See-thru type plastic and a curl on her head
Won (where else) on ebay!

Quite ugly little hard plastic
Not sure how I acquired her, but here she is!
Also have green version

Dollar Duckie with Bib from Wal-Mart

Larger bright pink with green bill
See below for smaller version

Paler pink than other translucent duck below
Has red beak and squeaks when squeezed

Bright pink ducky with red bill
and blue/yellow flowers
Won on ebay

PVC-free duckie with squeaker
From Junior Toys, a German company

3 hard plastic duckies, one larger and two smaller
Obtained: ebay, from the Philippines

My first pink duck
It even has feet!
Still my favorite!

Glow in the Dark Translucent Pink Duck

from Dollar Store in package with other bath toys
hard plastic, light pink

a mini glow in the dark duckie
approx. 1.5" tall and 1.5" long
one of a set of three (pink, yellow, blue)

The pink version of the popular devil duckie

super bright, fluorescent pink duck
made by Schylling

small hot pink duck with green bill

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