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New PINK duckies, 7/25/05
Click here to see my pink duckies!

**page VERY photo intensive, please give it time to load!**
Updated several pages with new duckies, July 25, 2005--
PINK, Candle/Soap, Clothing & new luggage tag below!

Below are some of my favorite duckies; this list is ever changing!

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Luggage Tag, purchased while on vacation
Culinary Duck, Shops at Scarborough Faire, Duck, NC
I love this ducky because it makes my luggage so easy to find!

Purchased at Borders book store, it's made by Schylling -
I just love the classic look of this one!

Fisher Price Little People Ducky
from McDonald's Happy Meal, ages 1-3
I'm really impressed with the details in this one!

Gorton's Fisherman Celebriduck!

A thrift shop find

This one is unusually long and even has FEET!!!

I vacation in Duck, North Carolina every year!!
Mini glass duck with wings, open beak and black eyes
Size: 1-1/8" long x 3/4" wide x 7/8" tall

On the left is a polymer clay duckie
Size: 5/8" long x 1/4" wide x 1/2" tall!
My SMALLEST on the right, hard plastic
Size: 3/8" long x 1/4" wide x just under 1/2" tall
this one even has wings!

Large wooden decorative ducky
Bought in Duck, North Carolina, Summer 2001
They had smaller and larger ones, but this
one was all I had the cash for! ;-)

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