Candle & Soap Duckies

Large plastic soap dispenser, 9 inches tall
Purchased at Target to replace my old quacking one:

When you push to dispense soap, this ducky quacks!
The orange of the beak has gotten worn away during use.
I like this dispenser because I can tell when my kids wash their hands well as guests!!

My most expensive ducky, bought on ebay
Original box and packaged soap in ducky soap holder
Made by Avon, 1970's

2 sets of candles

Yellow Ducky Soap with blue sticker eyes, NIP

Blue soap, NIP, purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Ducky Candle, NIP

Ducky Candle, NIP

Sent to me by my Secret Quilting Angel
Ducky Embedded (crookedly) in soap

Embedded Soap Duck

Ducky Candle with Feet
I think he looks possessed!

Purchased at a dollar store
Flat Soap Dish

Ducky on his back, Soap Dish
Looking spooked with popped-out eyes
Purchased as part of set with
sponge at Dollar General

Toothbrush Holder
Purchased from ebay as part of set

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