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Home Invasion Robberies
Home invasion robberies are on the rise. In this frightening crime, Perpetrators depend on the elements of shock and surprise to control their victims. A violent kick at the door and armed felons rushing into ones home is hard for the average citizen to comprehend. During the first moments of shock, the attackers rush to predetermined places where they know the occupents should be.. The attackers  often prowle around the home to find out where each occupant is prior to entry. Extreme violence is used to control the victims. Threats and brutality are brought to bare to extract cooperation. The attackers may take one or both victims to an ATM and force them to withdraw cash. Vehicles and other valuables may be taken as the perpatrators leave. The victims will be lucky to escape the ordeal with their lives. 

In an effort to help citizens prepare for the possibility of becoming a victim of home invasion, Piner's is offering this on line seminar with ideas and suggestions for making the home a less likely target and  for defending against an attack should it come. Below is a brief outline of the contents of this seminar. To the right are links to the information. Please visit frequently as this will be an on going project.

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Preparing Your HomeTo Deter Crime


Motion detector lighting

Clear bushes blocking view of all doors

Know your neighbors

Install an auditable alarm

Place alarm signs & decals

At The Door

audible alarm on each door

Install quality deadbolts 

Upgrade to security strikes

Replace 1 screw in each hinge With 3" screw
Install door viewer at each door

Do not open door until you ID visitor

Inside The Home

Be aware of your surroundings

Check out unusual occurrances

Watch for unusual behavior of pets

Have a "Safe Room" designated and
train all to go there in an emergency.

In The Safe Room

Prep door same as exterior doors

Dedicate a cell phone in a charger
to call for help

Keep any personal self defense items in a quick access safe in this room. ie; Pistol; tazer; mace

Establish an escape window to send for help and escape if possible
Home invasion Robbers may case the exterior of a target home prior to planning an attack
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At The Door
Inside the Home
The Safe Room
Attackers kick or ram doors with great violence in order to surprise and shock victims
Self Defense
Be prepared in the event an intruder targets you and your family. Contact the site below for information about personal self defense.
A personal security Company
The Belson Group
Invisible Anti Theft Marking System
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