Piner's Lock & Safe
Piner's Home Invasion Defense Seminar
Security at home is a primary ingredient of the American dream. To feel secure in our homes, we must prepare for any possible  event which might endanger our family's safety and property.

    Keeping the outside of your home cleared of unnecessary plant overgrowth, yard ornaments firmly anchored and tools stored away will minimize the likelyhood of your becoming a target of home invasion or burglary. Alarm signs can act as an additional deterrant.

Talk with your neighbors about this subject and plan with them for support. Watching each others backs helps build community and is an exellent way to thwart criminals.

           Quality solid doors and high security locks with reinforced hardware will make forced entry difficult and give warning if an attack occurs. An alarm will notify the attacker that help has been summoned.
A plan of action in the event of  an attack can make the differance if the attacker still tries to confront you or your family.

Establishing a properly outfitted safe room could literally make the differance between life and death during a home invasion robbery.

Start your preparations today.
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