10:30 on a Thursday night, Jerry is lying on the bed watching TV. His wife Marge is sitting at the computer in the living room. Both feel safe in the home they have shared  for 28 years without incident. Jerry hears a sudden crash and is concerned that his wife has fallen or dropped something. As he opens the door to investigate he  is met by a large man wearing a ski mask and  holding an automatic pistol. That is the last thing Jerry remembers until he awakens in a hospital bed two days later. Meanwhile, in the living room, Marge has been confronted by two other masked men who rough her up and molest her. The attack ends when the men force marguret to produce the keys to both of the couples vehicles, their credit cards and the cash they have at the house. The phone lines have been cut and marge flees to a neighbors house to call police and paramedics.

     Jerry recover from his physical injuries with a large scar accross the side of his head. However neither he nor Marge have returned to the home in which they had lived for so long, and both experience panic attacks frequently. The psycological wounds are deep and may never completely heal

    This frightening scenerio has been repeated by several families in their neighborhood in the past three months. Indications are the attackers have cased each of their targets to locate where the victims are in order to quickly confront and overpower them. Jerry is a rugged man, a hunter and holds a concealed weapons license but the speed and violence of the attack left him totally unprepared in spite of his beliefe that he could defend his family.

    This tragic story points to the need for everyone to undertake security preparation and personal defense planning. Please return to the Home Invasion Defense Seminar and begin learning how to prepare your home and family for the possibility of a dangerouse attack,
A True Home invasion story
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