As Sunday School teachers most of the good we do we never know. I think God set it up this way on purpose to stop us from getting prideful, but every once in a while he gives us a little glimpse. There was a quite boy in my class. He was very soft spoken, not overly talkative. We try to prioritize our class schedule so we have time to interact directly with the children. This lets us take time to talk to each of the kids, especially the shy ones. So he received attention from us and he really responded. Pretty soon he was coming into the class and, without prompting, telling us about his week.

One day we were in our story circle and he raised his hand and asked if we would pray about his father because he was in the hospital. So we prayed for his father and for the doctors and nurses taking care of him. I heard his fatherís story from a five year old perspective so it was not obvious to me how serious (or not) the situation really was.

Each week he would come in the room and walk right over and give us an update. He would explain what was going on. We talked about his ups and downs. Each week we prayed for his Father and the people taking care of him. When I talked to his mother I found out that his Father had a serious heart condition but even when they had bad weeks he wanted to go to Sunday School.

The next fall I heard second hand that his mother started helping in Sunday School. She explained that the previous year, when her husband was having serious health problems, her oldest son wouldnít talk about it at home. It was at Sunday School each week where he felt secure enough to talk about it. He wanted to go each week because he knew there were ears there to listen.

What we did for him was something that anyone could do. We were there and available. We let him know that it was safe for him to talk to us and that we would listen. We intentionally created an environemnt that freed us up for one on one interaction. When he needed that environment it was there for him. Iím sure that there are many more stories like this in each of our class rooms. If we are lucky we may hear of a few.

by Daniel Roth 2003

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