We’ve all had those classes. You know the ones. The times when the material you prepared runs out long before the end of the class and your grandest ideas are boring or too difficult. The times when you look at your watch and wish Pastor Steve would talk a little faster. The times when all of the kids must have eaten three bowls of Sugar-O’s for breakfast and you are wondering if anyone is getting anything out of your class.

I had one of those classes this week. It was one of those times when it seemed that all I did was discipline the rowdy kids. Were any of them learning anything? I wished I was back home in bed. During the class we were transitioning from one project to the next and I was trying to maintain control (over myself and the class) while wondering how I could fill the remaining time. We were standing up from our story circle, I was a little slow getting up, when out of no where Tori comes over and gives me a huge hug. Not just a little pat on the back, but a full-fledged hug. This week, just when I needed it, God sent a little child and a big hug to minister to me. Without using any words He sent her to remind me why I was there and to encourage me to plod onward. Instead of leaving the class discouraged, I couldn’t wait to try again next week!

by Daniel Roth 2001

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