It Doesn't Matter....

She hid behind her mother as she was being signed into our Sunday school class. Her eyes would not even look into the room. I went over, bent down to her level; told her it would be o.k. and extended my hand. She tentatively put her little hand in mine and let me lead her to the table where we were working on a small craft. After the craft she followed me over to the story circle and sat down right beside me then pushed her little foot right up against mine.

Her actions were saying, "Iím a little scared. There are lots of new faces and this is a new place but you promised to watch out for me, and Iím trusting you"

She did not care how smart I was. She didnít care how many Bible verses I memorized. She didnít care if I was the most eloquent speaker, or could barely stammer out 3 words. But she did care that I took the time to meet her on her level and try to make her feel safe.

In the Gospels we can read about a group of children who some adults were trying to get closer to Jesus. Those kids were probably scared. A lot of strange noises, unfamiliar faces and confusion. But the adults had invested enough time in the lives of those children that they trusted them to lead them through the confusion

If you are thinking of helping in Sunday School, please do. It does not matter how smart you are. It doesnít matter how many Bible verses youíve memorize. It doesnít matter if you are the most eloquent speaker or if you can barely stammer out three words. But what does matter is that you are willing to love Godís children enough that they will be willing to put their little hands in yours and let you try to lead them closer to him.

by Daniel Roth 2001

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