A Psalm for Nathan

One of your little lambs

has come home, Lord.

Open the gate to let him


This precious gift sent

from heaven to earth

helped others to learn

about You.

His laughter and smileÖ

A sweet fragrance.

Those eyes how they

twinkled and danced;

In his own special way,

he taught me to pray

that selflessness reflects

Your romance.

To see You in him

was the miracle

that guided my footsteps

to Your door.

A cherub sublime,

who forever is Thine

and now with the angels

does soar.

Linda Dansberger April, 2001

A good life is not measured by the number of trophies on a shelf or a long list of worldly accomplishments but by the number of hearts touched in a positive way. By these standards Nathan lived a full life. He was never content to sit back and let life pass him by. Sitting still was never part of his plans so it was not a surprise to anyone when he showed up for camp last year with his arm in a cast. It was like he was always trying to say "There is so much to do, so much to see, why are we just sitting here. Letís go!!!".

The fruit of Nathanís life, his attitude, enthusiasm and constant smile, blessed us all. I will never forget how after each time we fought to get him to take the last bit of the hated medicine he would get a big smile and lift his hand with a big thumbs up.

We only knew Nathan for the two weeks he spent with us at camp but he will live forever in our hearts. We will truly miss him and were honored to be his counselors, camp deans and more importantly his friends.

The campers and staff of Wesley Forest

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