Being a Special Needs Counselor is:

...little arms that barely work struggling to lift up to give you a hug

…watching with pride as your camper struggles and accomplishes what to most of us would be an everyday task

…being King to a Princess, even if the kingdom only lives in the Princess’ imagination

…looking into the eyes of the boy with Cerebral Palsy,totally dependent upon you for care, and seeing nothing but trust looking back

…being buddy to the boy used to being made fun of, or even worse, ignored

…hearing a little voice force out "Him help me" and knowing you are the him being asked for

…being part of a family with a common goal accomplishing something greater than the sum of our individual parts

…rocking a nervous little girl, not used to being away from home, to sleep in your arms and her finding comfort there

…seeing the tears in the eyes of the parent of the severely handicapped child as they explain how they sat by the phone all week expecting the call that we couldn’t keep their child any longer, and the relief they felt when the call didn’t come

…helping catch a first fish, row a first boat or swim in a lake

...rediscovering the joy in chasing frogs and jumping in mud puddles

…the tear on your cheek as you perform the hardest task of the week, saying good-bye

…never looking at the world or people the same way again

…letting God use us, and all of our weakness and frailty, to be his hands and his feet and recognizing him in the hands and feet of those that he sends to help us.

by Daniel Roth 2003

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