What Do You Do at this Church?

I had recently started attending a new church. One of the first people to stand out was Caroline. She was a cute little seven year old who was always smiling and happy. When she was younger she had a bad bout of spinal meningitis. As a result of that her vision was affected, she walked with a noticeable limp, and there was some brain damage. But in spite of her weakened eye sight she appointed herself the unofficial church greeter. Before the service she would work her way through the crowds talking to almost everyone. She would walk up and touch their stomachs and say “Who are you?” Then after you told her your name she’d respond “Hi” repeat your name, then introduce herself. Her spirit and sincerity was infectious.

One day she made her way to where I was sitting and said “Hi, who are you?” I told her my name. Instead of her usual response she surprised me with the question “What do you do at this church?” I immediately started listing in my head all the things I do and how important I was. Then I looked down at Caroline and realized that she wouldn’t “get it “. So being the mature adult that I am I turned the question back on her and asked “I don’t know what do you do?” In a calm, clear and unhesitant voice she said “Worship God.” With two little words Caroline knocked my off the pedestal I had sat myself upon. God sent the person who I didn’t think would “get it” to remind me what “it” really was. After I picked my battered ego off the floor I realized that was the answer I should have given her. Whenever I feel myself become too prideful, I think of Caroline and am reminded of what is really important.

by Daniel Roth 1997

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