DO run around naked.
DO write poetry on public bathroom walls.
DO make a crazy website.
DO NOT put your phone number on said website.
DO scream, right now. Good.
DO play Twister, Clue, and "Slum Tycoon" or "3 AM" Monopoly every chance you get. (For more info, see "Twister, Clue, and "Slum Tycoon/3 AM Monopoly" link below)
DO paint your walls.
DO NOT paint your dog.
DO dye your hair.
DO NOT dye Grandma.
DO take videocameras into unexpected places and film what happens.
DO NOT let one of those unexpected places be any of the following: Police station, mall security headquarters, store where you stole the camera.
DO play Ice Cream Football.
DO watch a movie.
DO watch a good one.
This is the home of British teddy bears and snarkiness. Also there are amusing sidelines featuring poetry and a Furby. These below are my heartfelt life suggestions. They are only one snarky feature on this page. The general snarkiness around here is amazing. These, by the way, are just my suggestions. They in no way have anything to do with Mrs. Carlisle's missing lawn gnomes.
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