Welcome to Ronda and Ladie's Dollz! The two of us, using various dollmakers from the web, made most of the dolls you will see here. This is just our little way of showing them off. They are all up for adoption, so if you see one you like, then be our guest and take the little bugger. We don't require a link back, but it's a nice way of saying 'thank you'. If you like to use it, there's a banner on the link page or a text link would be just as good. :o)

If you see something that looks familiar because you made it, please let us know and we will credit you and post a link back to your site or if you don't want it here at all, let us know and we'll take it off the site. We really don't want to be dollnappers, but we just can't remember every single site we have been too. We do remember the ones we made, though, and the one we didn't.

We hope you enjoy them, so take a look around and if you'd like to see your own creations featured, visit the 'Submissions' page for more details. We are always updating with new dolls, so bookmark us and come back often!

Thanks for stopping by and have fun!

*Ronda and Ladie*

Psttt...... don't forget to sign our guestbook! ;o)
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