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Full Name: David A Turner
Dave "the Rave" Turner, Super Dave, Dynamo Dave T, Dynamic Dave, DDT
Date Of Birth: 8 July 1948

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Dave Turner Moments!!!!!!

Dave Turner was originally a chemistry teacher at the RGS, but introduced Geology to the RGS. While teaching geology, his enthusiastic style ensure that geology grew for the time that the course was offered. He taught four succesive years of AS Geology and in total had 9 student, at least two of which went on to study Geology at Unversity level..

Dave was born in Liverpool, England, but soon moved to Cardiff in Wales and went to a local school, and spent his early life in Cardiff. After Graduating from Kingston University, he worked for Aquatronics where he worked as a Geological Surveyer. He worked around the world but his most notable exploits happened in Nigeria, the only country in which he has a criminal record for beating up a naked taxi-driver outside a police station.

After a short stint teaching chemistry at a local state school Dave joined the RGS Chemisty department in 1987. When he went to the interview for the job, he told them that he had no previous teaching experience, and that he did not have a chemistry degree. However, his no-nonsense and honest approach seemed to do the trick, and he got the job.

He soon got involved in one of the school scout troops, where he acted as a Quarter Master for the camps. He was a well respected scout leader, and many people remember his exploits on various camps.

The Scout camps he was involved in went to the Norfolk Broads where sailing boats were hired for a week. In 1988, Dave invented the water ski mode "sans ski". This consisted of towing one or two acquiescent crew members behind a boat in a quiet stretch of water. This pastime was highly successful when performed off a larger sailing cruiser, but rendered a Half Decker unsteerable - inadvisable at the best of times. In 1989, Dave featured in a great episode of "Damsel in Distress". Cheered on by the whole troop, he proceeded to strip to the waist, dive heroically into the River Bure and save a panicking lady whose boat was floundering in reeds on the opposite bank.

1994 provided Dave with another chance to show off his Aqua talents, as on a hot and sunny afternoon he showed all ths scouts up during a water fight by catching about 80% of the water that was thrown at him in a plastic bucket. It was here that his skill at dealing was noticed by the school where he managed to save substantial amounts of money on fish'n'chips for the troop. He has apparently been banned from Dixons Shop in Guildford because of his "Welsh Charm" skills.

His exploits don't end here and have continued in Geology with deals at Marriot Hotels - beat that for a fieldwork base. It was also here where one night Charlie got to him and he confused Gravy for Laver Bread Soup!

However, he has not just affected his upper sixth, his charm has now infected the latest geology set aswell as many teachers. He always gets on the junior school trip to france at the end of the summer term, and it would never to be for booze now would it.... especially after the infamous geology field trip to France.

Food is one of his great loves in life. When not sampling the delights of 32oz rump steak at his favourite eatery in South Wales, The Highwayman on field trips, he likes nothing more than a good barbeque on a field trip, particularly when Insanity Sauce is availible. Several geologist have become victim to this little prank, not least ourselves. The usual effect is not being able to taste anything for the next day or two as your mouth is just too numb!!!

Further episodes in geology include more "wheeling and dealing". Perhaps the most memorable of these occurred on the Dorest Field Trip where he was actually charged 2 for parking at Kimmeridge Bay. Not happy with having to pay for the parking he tried to persuade that we should at least have an "educational" discount on the car park. The attendant, obvisously miffed by this said he could only have the discount of we staying left that half and hour, and we could claim it on the way out. Challenge Time!!!!! 29minutes, 59 seconds later we were leaving the car park with our 1 back!!!!!! Whilst on the subject of cars, we should point out the creativity of Dave Turner's driving. This has included U-turns on major A-roads in Dorset and reversing up the slip-road of a French motorway!!!!!!!

Well, retirement or not, I'm sure life will continue in his own unique style. Happy retirement and good luck for the future from the RGS Geology Website Team!!!!

Paul Johnson and Adrian Cooper





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