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Hi there, I'm the Reverend!  It's been a while since I wrote my first fan fic story, and this has been my creative outlet ever since!  I'm just one of the many Fanfic writers who believe Batman and Wonder Woman belong together! ;)

I'm still a sucker for happy endings, and in my little corner of the DC Universe, I guaratntee you a happy ending! For the benefit of my friends the readers, let me explain that the stories chronologically occur after the Grand Finale of Justice League Unlimited the Animated Series. I have taken creative license in several regards (Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, Wonder Woman coming to the world of man twice - once during WW2 and the second time during the Alien Invasion)if you can look past those few liberties, I hope you enjoy my stories!.
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"I am Reverend Justice, and this is my Church; the commandments are simple: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt  not piss me off or I shalt kick your ass."

From an exercise suggested by a friend, Reverend Justice has become a lot of fun to write.  I created a character, a boyfriend for Hawkgirl.  Thanks Doc for suggesting I create an original character, it's been lots of fun!
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