The Protectorate of Avalon

The laws of Avalon are based upon the concept of Harmony.  All matter
interacts for the common good, and anything that causes Discord must be
eliminated. Individuality is good, inasmuch as it contributes to a Harmonic
whole.  Much as in a fine musical composition, each of the elements must
complement one another.

Reality Overview:

All matter is made up of different combinations of four elements:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Essence is the force that binds these elements together.  Energy and Entropy are opposing forces, and act upon Matter in varying degrees.  There are three types of Essence:  Dominant, such as that found in sentient beings; Active, such as that found in most plant and animal species; and Passive, such as that found in non-living Matter.  Mystical effects are achieved by manipulating the frequency of the three types of Essence, using music as the medium.  Theoretically, this mystical energy is unlimited, but tapping it can be quite exhausting.

Technology, by contrast, focuses upon the tapping of pure Elemental Matter.  Once purified, Elemental Matter can be stored and channeled through a variety of devices.  This process can be quite costly.

Reality is relatively stable, for the Pulse is very strong.  Quantum Storms, or Nightmares, can be quite Powerful, remolding reality by separating universal chords into their component notes, and recombining them in new ways.  With few exceptions, these Quantum Storms are rare throughout the Protectorate.

Tech Overview:

Q-Dex:  Elemental 436/Life Nodal/M & E = L.

Technology is somewhat workable.  It is somewhat difficult to create new technology.  Matter and Energy are fairly common.  Matter plus Energy creates Life. Matter and Energy emerge from the Void independently, as a limited number of elements:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  The amount and frequency of Energy determines what degree of Life and Intelligence an organism possesses.  Technology is similar to alchemy, depending on the proper mixing and distilling of the elements, such as Air and Fire.

The Fabric Distortion Generator, or FDG, "re-molds" local reality to teleport from one location to another.  Transit is instantaneous, but the device is usable only in remote regions of space.  The process of reconstructing space-time often takes days or pentirs.  Light sails are produced more cheaply, and are commonly in use for traveling within the empire.

One method of harnessing elemental matter is through the use of Gates.  A hole is punched through the fabric of reality, creating a gateway to an elemental plane.  This allows direct harvesting of elemental matter.

Another method is Filtering.  Specialized filters are used to separate Matter into its component elements.  This is a lengthy process, and relatively small amounts of pure elemental matter are obtained in this way.

Once harvested, the pure matter is placed into special devices, where its Power can be harnessed.  Technological devices typically hold a limited number of charges, and must be recharged periodically.

Magical Overview:

Q-Dex:  Vibrant 789/Programmed Linear/E-L-M.

Magic is very workable.  New forms of magic are easily created.  Mana and Essence easily alter reality.  Energy creates Life, Life creates Matter.  Everything is composed of mystical energy.  The specific frequency of the Essence in a substance determines its characteristics.  Magic is accomplished through music, by manipulating frequencies of all kinds.

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