My 1973 Opel GT

This page is for my 1973 Opel GT.  The car is in excellent condition.  The section of the site contains pictures of the exterior, interior, and engine of my car.  I try to take pictures when I make improvements as well.  Those links can be found below. 

It has the 1.9L engine with 4 speed transmission.  When I bought the car it still had the original Solex on it.  I was going to keep that original, but I changed my mind.  I want to drive this car.  It is worth more to me as fun, reliable transportation than as all original.  So I do plan on modernizing mechanical aspects of the car to make it more reliable.  I will keep the body original.  After all, that is what attracted me to the Opel GT in the first place!  So enjoy the pictures and if you have any requests of pictures or questions about the car, drop me a line.

Things I have done so far:

Pertronix electronic ignition

Jacobs ignition management system

32/36 Weber DGEV down draft carb. jetted to match the engine

2" exhaust through a turbo muffler

chrome tail strip (original strip that has been chromed, not the plastic one)

tinted windows keeps it cooler and protects the original interior

Poly bushings all the way around

Sport front spring (2" drop)  This drop is too much for street driving.  I am in the market for the intermediate spring that is a 1.5" drop I believe.  If anyone is interested in purchasing my sport spring email me.  This spring would be great for AutoXing.  It handles like a go cart.  It's just too rough on potholes and speed bumps for my taste.

rebuilt the brakes all the way around

rebuilt the clutch (SACS)

replaced the windshield washer hoses and valves

replaced both rear axle seals

replaced both door seals with a new set from J.J. Wheatly at Destec Engineering

replaced all the rubber under the hood.  The three pieces over the radiator helps to keep the air flowing THROUGH the radiator and not around it.  The one in the back by the windshield help pop the hood up when you pull the release.

new upper and lower ball joints

New shocks.  I need to get some stiffer shocks for the front.  Since I put in the sport front spring I had to cut the bump-stops in half and on big bumps they bottom out.  So I guess I'll have to 'spring' for the Koni's$$.

6" X 13" aluminum wheels, sandblasted and painted. wrapped with Falken Ziex 205/60/13 tires

Converted the front side markers to turn signals and the turn signals to driving lights

Installed a Pioneer CD player and Pioneer 6" speakers in back panel

Upgraded alternator to 50 Amp with internal voltage regulator

Clear front side markers/signals

Sport Mirrors

Ported Intake manifold and put on Sprint exhaust manifold

Cold Air Intake

Opel Motor sport wheel centers

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