high-energy punk
hallowe'en, pirates, 80s and mayhem
agent m (vocals)
mike (guitar)
gabe (drums)
dominic (bass)

Petaluma, CA
HISTORY: Raised from the grave when a mad genius struck the sacred gong, Tsunami Bomb rose up in early 1998 and have dedicated themselves to world domination. They cannot be stopped. They are everywhere. We are all doomed.
ALBUMS: Mayhem on the High Seas 7" single (1999), B-movie Queens 7" split with Plinky (1999), The Invasion From Within CD (2000), The Ultimate Escape Full Length CD (2002)
you may know TSUNAMI BOMB from the underground section of this site, but, since they do rival no doubt as my favourite band, i thought it was time i gave tsunami bomb their very own section. and here it is.
i've been listening to tsunami bomb since the summer of 2001 when i accidentally stumbled upon them on while searching for some new music. the second "...Not Forever" blew through my speakers, i knew i'd found the next big punk band out of CA. an underground band with some split 7"s and a 6 song EP on tomato head records, i realized i'd discovered a great band nobody even knew of yet. after scouring the internet for every tsunami bomb mp3 i could find, i emailed agent m to ask if the band could send me some merch even though i was all the way up in canada. to my surprise, she emailed me back right away, happy to talk to me and within a month i was sporting stickers and buttons and was completely hooked on this little punk band. for the last year i've watched as tsunami bomb climbs closer and closer to full-blown success. last summer they played a few shows on one of the smaller stages on Warped Tour, this summer they're headlining with bands like Rancid and AFI. Currently on a world tour with their new full-length album, The Ultimate Escape, and their video for the first single, Take The Reins, getting play on smaller video stations, it's only a matter of time before tsunami bomb is YOUR favourite band too.
*more coming soon*
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