"I believe, this is heaven to no one else but me and I'll defend it 'long as I can be left here to linger in silence. If I choose to, would you try to understand?'
-Sarah McLachlan (Elsewhere)



Okay, this is the little ol' place where I'll be putting all my
updates. Be sure to come to this page to check out the
latest I have to offer. Okay, here goes nothing:

Added Possesion, a Suboshi song fic on 9-2-00

Added the third chapter of Shikata Ga Nai on 9-2-00

Added second chapter to Shikata ga nai on 8-18-00

Added "On My Own - A Yui song fic on 8-13-00

Added 2 of my "still in progress" fics. on 8-10-00

Designed and put up background on 7-29-00

Shunkaku no Tenchi opens on 7-26-00



Yes Plans! I have so much planned to do with this page!
So, here are a the many things you can definately look
foward to!
I am planning to
open up a Fanart section for this site.
Well, for one thing, I have two completed, not to mention
very well drawn fanart of the twins along with Yui. They
are portrayed as peddlers dressed in Russian style
clothes trying to make a living by selling books and
FY manga. The other one is a much more dramatic. It
graphically speaks of Revolution. I don't know which one
you will like most. I will probably have these up here next
week, so look out!

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