"...He jests at scars that never felt a wound.."
-Romeo and Juliet


Well, well well, hello there and nice to see you have come to visit me!
Ugh! So I guess August was quite a long month for me. I don't know
if any of you agree with me, but I really believe that winter has
gone by much too fast! Now that classes start again, I really won't
have much time to work on my pages...However, I do promise not to
neglect it and let the spiders and cobwebs move in. I will still update it
monthly, adding new chapters, new stories. Well, I guess I should be
saying good-bye for now. Here are my pages, and do enjoy!
- Caty

- Shame - A Suboshi Shrine can be found here.
Multi Parole! - my fanfiction and short stories archive is over here.
Fallen Angels - A Fushigi Yuugi clique created by me is there.
FanArt - Last but never least is by this corner.

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