Hello all you happy-go-lucky, genki FY fans! Welcome to "Fallen Angels" a very special Fushigi Yuugi clique (Hey, aren't all cliques special?) dedicated to all those great characters who have betrayed their hopes and their dreams in many ways and that have fallen because of their foolish mistakes. But, however, are considered "angels" being that they never gave up...even if it cost them their very lives. Don't you agree that almost all the majority of FY characters fall in this category? + giggles + Well, I certainly do...So, are you interested in joining ? Read on, and find out how can you become a member of "Fallen Angels"!

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2000-2001 Catalyna. Fushigi Yuugi characters are the respective property and creations of mangakin Watase Yuu. This clique was created for just pure fandom and we are not making any profit out of her work.

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