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Sorry to say that things have not been changing very often on this site...

I still don't have a computer at home so the time I have to make changes are fairly limited.

I would like to introduce you to my new blog:

The Oxfam Challenge

In November 2005 I will be cycling through Vietnam and Cambodia to raise money for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad as part of the Oxfam Challenge. A worthy cause, and you can keep up to date with the trials and tribulations of training to get the stamina to last 100km a day!

Otherwise, it's business as usual and this sapphic site is intended to be a resource to those of you seeking information, news, a movie or two to watch with your girlfriend or just a joke to share amongst friends.

If you notice any broken links, or would like to make a suggestion, please contact me.

19 feb 04

Unfortuntely my excitement over the recent amendments to the ACT's laws may be short-lived.

It appears the ACT Liberal Party and members of the conservative Christian Right are not happy with the majority decision of the Legislative Assembly so have asked the Federal Attorney-General to consider if the new law breaches the Australian Constitution [see article].
Not only are they showing a great deal of what I consider 'sore loser syndrome' and undermining the ACT's legislative and political integrity, in an attempt to get the legislative repealed but no doubt affecting the lives of many Canberra families, and merely propagating the prejudice and hate that exists.

11 feb 04

Great news - same sex couples can now adopt in the Australian Capital Territory.

Last night the ACT Legislative Assembly voted 11 to 6, to pass the bill recognising same-sex parenting and making it a reality for many couples and families to have their parental roles recognised.


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