B-Independent - A huge site and resource for anyone who appreciates independents with reviews, message boards and much more.

DEPT.13 - Independent production studio responsible for many horror & thriller indies along with a public access series called "Twisted Realities".

Earl Owensby Studios - Independent film studio near Shelby, North Carolina and the largest independent facility outside of Hollywood.

El Cine Mireles - Cinema that hosts independent film works in Marietta, Georgia.

Foxpack Productions - Independent studio responsible for "Deathlist".

Gary Lynch Productions - Independent film maker, check out his blog.

Guest Check - Marian Wagner's website.

Icon Film Studios - Chris Woods and Simon Lynx are considered jacks of all trades in the film world. They have worked in both T.V. and film as directors, editors, writers, producers and camera operators. thier credits include "Chameleon" and "Bleed" plus others.

Parallel Afternoon Productions - An independent look at everything exciting in the world of amateur cinema. From angst-ridden satire to the surrounding world of fandom.

Pumphouse Players - A live theater group that promotes and fosters drama, live theatre, and the performing arts in and around Bartow County in Cartersville, Georgia.

Skychase Pictures - Independents that participate in the production of feature films for theatrical and DVD release. Located in Gainsville, Georgia.

SoLofty Productions - An independent production group producing "Star Wars - Shroud of the Enemy" and "In the Shadow of My Enemy".

Southern Screen Report - Your local Georgia film and video production news source.

The Asylum - The Asylum was founded in 1997 by partners David Michael Latt, David Rimawi and Sherri Strain to produce, acquire and distribute stylish genre pictures throughout the world, operating as a self-contained micro-studio.


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