Barry King was born in the small town of Centre, Alabama in 1966. He's wanted to make movies since he was 6 years old. He recorded several audio adventures of his own with an old Panasonic tape recorder he received for Christmas in 1976. From then on, he was glued to movies like the Hammer horror films and television shows like Star Trek, Gilligan's Island, The Honeymooners and others.

He moved to Georgia in 1983 and in 1989 began a long production assciation with Dept.13. Barry started working on a public access television horror-anthology show called "Twisted Realities". There his work ranged from directing, writing and acting as well as recording sound and camera operator.

After a successful 2 years on the show his catalog of work began to grow. He still continues with directing, acting, writing and producing at Dept.13. Barry also has many plans with SoLofty Productions.


His major entertainment influences are William Shatner, Peter Cushing, Alan Hale Jr., Benny Hill, Gregory Peck and "the great one", Jackie Gleason.


As a director, he credits filmakers Stanley Kubrick, Terence Fisher, Freddie Francis, Tobe Hooper and Larry Cohen for sparking his movie making.
He is also a comic book collector and loves motion picture soundtrack scores.

Looking ahead to the future, Barry is working harder than ever to produce quality independent productions that he hopes will amuse and entertain you. He's happily married to his lovely wife Kelley for going on 10 years.


In the Shadow of My Enemy
(SoLofty Productions 2006)

Leadfoot (Dept.13 TBA)
Actor: "Ricky" & "The Professor"

Memories of War - A Veteran's Tribute (Phase II 2004)

Night of Twisted Realities (Dept.13 TBA)
Marvin McQuire's Frightning Road Trip - actor: "Marvin's Boss"
Paradox - director/producer

Dial 911
(Dept.13 1999)
Writer/Producer/Director/Actor: "Owl Davis"
Bent Perspective - producer/director

Cosmic Debris - Pilot (2000)
Actor: "Rimbar"

Twisted Realities (Dept.13 2000)
Three for the Pit - actor: "Arbey"
Pillow Talk - actor: "Vince", pillowteer

TR Digital Production (1995-2002)
In-house voice talent

Realm of the Bizarre (Dept.13 1995)
The Strange Case of Ezra Bumble - actor: "Lewis"
Homecoming - Actor: "Larry Fine"

Curious Dave - The Lost Episode (1996)
Actor: "Fat Guy"

Poor ol' Wane - Short film trailer (1996)
actor: "Dr. Zim"

Curious Dave - The Sinister Agenda of Dr. Zim
Actor: "Dr. Zim"

Strangely Irritating Movie Show - Pilot (WTLK-TV1993)
Actor: "Mr. Video"

Red Meadow II (1992)
Actor: Himself

Twisted Realities - Dekalb Public access TV series
The Unwelcome - Actor: played self
Pillow Talk - Actor: "Vince", pillowteer
Murder, A Musical - Actor: "Jeeves", cameraman
Safety First - Actor: "Tom Fletcher", associate producer
Helpless - director, Actor: "Thug", associate producer
Against the Law - Writer/Director, Actor: "Bad Guy", associate producer
Writer's Block - Actor: "Mike Steele"
Bent Perspective - Producer/Director
Be Careful Who You Kill - Writer/Producer/Director, Make-up Effects, Actor: "Agmar Xon" Voice only
Bugged - Teleplay/Producer/Director, Actor: "Pedestrian"

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