Black Oak German Shepherds
Black Oak began in the back of my head after my aunt asked me if I would like to handle a dog in an upcoming fun match. I was about eighteen and had grown up with multiple dogs but had never stepped into a show ring before. Not knowing what I was getting into, I said yes.

My aunt gave me a beauutiful young german shepherd bitch to bring into the ring to handle. And of course, never having done it before, I made a mess of it. She should have won the class and we went fourth instead.

Little did I know that she would give me that same bitch a few years later to keep for my own. And thus began the story...
The Past
Farmil's Whitney Houston
Patrick vom Mack-Zwinger, my Schutzhund 1 who has gone over the rainbow bridge  and Cooter Davenport, who now rules the house at age 8, my last puppy from my beautiful Whitney.
The Present
Legate Hill's Vanishing Act
UKC CH. Legate Hill's Valkyrie
UKC CH.Vulcan's Saracen Rose
Future Stars!
Black Oak's Absolute Power
UKC CH.Black Oak's Aurora Borealis
Beefeater of Sater-Nordlicht
For information on puppies or boarding your show star in the new england area, please call-

Margaret Krug
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