When to stay...When to run.

Stay      Run

They depend on us to keep them safe and healthy.
Don't be in a hurry. Do your research and check around.

First lets start with Pet Shops

You may think you are helping the puppies, the problem is, your helping the puppy mills stay open.

Ok on to breeders

A breeder asks to meet you someplace other then there home.

A breeder asks you to come by there home so they can show you what they have available.

A breeder has one price for the dog with papers and another price without.

Be leery of a breeder that claims to show, that is selling puppies without papers.

A breeder says they have one, but you have to buy it now because they have others wanting it.

A breeder says they have one, but they don't think it is what you are looking for.

A breeder says they have one, but you have to co-own it with me so I can breed it later if I choose.

A breeder tells you that they have Tea-Cup chihuahuas.

A breeder says they have one, that will only be approximately 2 pounds as adult.

A breeder tells you they have a litter available or they can put you on a waiting list.

Advertisements asking over $100.00 for dogs with NO Papers

A breeder tells you they had 3 litters last week and we have lots to choose from
or They say they have puppies available all year round.

A breeder tells you a reasonable price to expect to pay for pet quality puppies, on AKC Limited registration or spay/neuter contract, is $200 to $450.00.

A breeder tells you Brindles and Blues cost more because they are RARE....Not True.

A breeder tells you Color does not make the price of the dog go up.

A breeders that is attending a Dog Show and has several puppies with them for Sale.

A breeder makes arrangements to meet you at a Dog Show, in your area, with the puppy they have sent you photos of and have talked to you extensively about.

A breeder tells you the price is the same for all sizes, they are Pet Quality regardless of weight.

A breeder says it is normal for a chihuahua to have multiple moleras.

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